Alcocebre and environment

Castillo de Xivert


The Alcala of Xivert castke is of Islamic orgin, but in the main part of the construction is the Temple Order and the Montesa Order.  It conerves two well distinguished parts: the arabic and the christian.  The first understands the outer walled enclosure, of the tenth and eleventh century, the christian of the twelfth century and the moderate fortress at the peak.

It is located in the National Park of the Sierra de Irta, in front of the town Alcala de Xivert.

The Xivert Castle formed a part of the muslum network of fortresses, guarding the passage to Valencia.  It was conduceted in the Templarios Order in 1169, when it was conquered by Alfonso II, and it produced the knights after the fall of peñiscola, in 1234, a year that it was awarded the Carta Puebla to the Moorish quarter, in which it will pertain to the progressive langour until the exposition of the Moorish in 1609.

Highlighting the fall

The Arabic inscription of the wall «for the reencouter of God»

The Homenaje Tower. It agreed with her through the adarve of the enclosed wall.

The Grand Hall located together with the Homenaje Tower.  This room is restored, resulting in the gothic architechture.

The Tanega or Ponent Tower located to the east, it was utilized as a jail.

The Gemelas Tower orriented to the east and they represent the major conserved part of the castle.  They are the chair factory.

Rutas y senderismo 1 y 2

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Chapel Santa Lucía


The Chapel of Santa Lucia is located in the south of the town del Pinar, in the mountains of San Benet, part of the Sierra de Irta.

The construction was completed in the 17th century in Baroque style of Valencia. Trad

itionell was a tower of the church in ancient times used as a watchtower.

Impressive panoramic views on all beaches in the area. On a clear day you can even see the islands «Las Columbrete».

The paintings and the vault was recently restored.

On December 13, the chapel on the occasion of the celebration in honor of the «Santa Lucia» will be made available to the public. In this context, pilgrimages, masses and processions.

Watchtower Ebrí

torre ebri 5

The watchtower EBRI is 1.7 km north-east of the village El Pinar, Alcossebre on the mountain EBRI in 499 meters.

Built in the 16th century, this served as a defense watchtower protecting the castle of Xivert. Towers of this kind can be found all along the Levantine coast. They warned the population from attacks by the Berbers who were notorious for looting and abductions.

The watchtower is built circular and has a diameter of 5.5 meters and 8.5 meters high. Towers of this kind have no conventional, ground-level door and are only accessible through a small window at the top.

It enjoys a sublime view of the entire southern part of the coast. The view of the northern part of the coast is blocked by mountains and therefore monitored by the watchtower on the urbanization of the Torre Badum.

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